TOD Partners With NIH to Provide Increased Training Opportunities For OHR Employees

Strategic Advisor

This issue of the TOD Times focuses on confidence in the workplace. And what better way to build confidence in your skills at work than to enhance those you al-ready have and develop new skills? So, as you may have heard in our recent news-flash, TOD has entered into an Intra-agency Agreement with the NIH Training Center to access a comprehensive library of free, and paid, training opportunities to assist you to do just that! The selection available to you is in direct correlation to many of the training needs and objectives identified from your responses from the Training Needs Assessment we conducted last December. Through an analysis of the re-sponses, many recommendations and findings were brought to our attention, includ-ing but not limited to:

  • Creating training resources to further develop technical writing, oral communi-cation, and written communication skills
  • Enhancing leadership coaching to improve:
    • Management skills
    • Employee-Manager relationships
    • Emotional intelligence
    • Prioritization and goal-setting
    • Employee productivity and engagement
    • Program, curriculum, and action planning innovation
  • Placing emphasis on collaborative learning environments
  • Self-assessment is a major influence in how individuals identify their training needs
  • A number of employees completed 1-20 hours of training annually

These resources are available for the duration of this fiscal year (through September 2018), and can be found here: To attend any of these offerings, please follow the new OHR Training Request and Approval Process [Permission is needed to access this item.] as you will NOT be able to register directly from the NIH Training Center Li-brary. Questions can be directed to The recorded OHR Training Request and Approval Process presentation can be accessed by selecting the icon below.
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HHS Engagement Survey Thank you!

Org. Dev. Specialist (PMC Detailee)

The HHS Engagement Survey ended on February 23, 2018. It was a confidential survey that was designed to complement the valuable information gained through the Federal Employee Viewpoint Survey (FEVS) and to provide additional information related to employee engagement. We want to build confidence in the workplace. The more confident an employee is, the more likely s/he will be engaged in activities. A snapshot is below.

Number of responses: 20,072/79,185

Percentage of responses: 25.35%

Top three OPDIV number of responses:

National Institutes of Health 3,947

Food and Drug Administration 3,691

Indian Health Services 3,347

Top response rate by OPDIV by percent:

Administration for Community Living 61.46%

Health Resources and Services Administration 47.75%

Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality 46.18%

Please contact for additional information.