February, 2019

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Topic Spotlight: Setting Priorities

Setting Priorities - Setting priorities is key to an effective and directed life. A lot of people say that their priority in life is their family. Setting priorities, and accepting responsibility for those priorities, is important in the workplace too. Focus on achieving them rather than the reasons they're difficult to achieve. Below are a sampling of resources available in the HHS Learning Management System (LMS) to assist you; take a moment and check them out today.

Resource Title Description Resource ID Duration or Pages
Aligning Goals and Priorities to Manage Time Meeting targets and achieving goals consistently regardless of the business situation isn't easy. A big part of doing this successfully is managing time effectively. In this course, you'll learn why it's important to align your goals with your company's goals, and you'll learn how to do it with a goal alignment worksheet. apd_08_a01_bs_enus 25 min

Resource Title Description Resource ID Duration or Pages
Stay Focused on Top Priorities Most time management systems focus on organizing work, not on managing work and time around priorities. The first step is to decide what are not priorities. Then don’t work on them. 46011 3 min
Setting Goals in Four Dimensions Write down your priorities for the short, medium, and long terms in four major categories: your career, your relationships and family, your role in the community, and as caretaker of your mind, body, and spirit. Review and rebalance the priorities periodically. 64624 5 min

Resource Title Description Resource ID Duration or Pages
Focus: Achieving Your Highest Priorities
Audio Book
Focus presents a fun and inspirational time management process that can—and will—change your life in ways you could never imagine possible. With this audio book, you will begin a process and journey to a new way of thinking about time management. 35885 186 min
Find Your Balance Point: Clarify Your Priorities, Simplify Your Life, and Achieve More Everyone today has too much to do and too little time—that's not going to change. The only way to make our lives less stressful is to make sure we spend more time doing the things that matter most and less time doing the things that matter less. 92009 129 pages

Desktop Skills Spotlight
Resource Title Description Resource ID Duration or Pages
Microsoft Word 2010: Create an Excel Table Microsoft Word 2010 allows you to insert Excel tables in a document and use Excel calculations and features. This video provides a step-by-step view of how to create an Excel table and discusses what is possible—and not possible—when using Excel in Word. 47883 5 min
Microsoft Excel 2010: Grouping and Subtotals In Excel 2010, you can organize large amounts of data in a worksheet into groups and then subtotal the groups for a higher-level view of the data. In this video, Adam Wilcox demonstrates how to organize a large worksheet containing sales data into groups and create subtotals for these groups. 47995 4 min

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