December, 2018

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Topic Spotlight: Individual Development Plan

Individual Development Plan - A career is more than a job. It's a progression of activities and a sequence of experiences that comprise a person's professional endeavors. You may already have a career but to develop it is an active process of continual assessment, enhancement, and change. Below are a sampling of resources available in the HHS Learning Management System (LMS) to assist you; take a moment and check them out today.

Resource Title Description Resource ID Duration or Pages
Developing a Plan to Further Your Career The whole notion of what a career is has changed. You are now responsible for making your own career choices, and it's not always clear which way offers the straightest path toward your goal. This course guides you through the process of taking inventory of your values, interests, skills, and needs. Then based on these findings, you can determine your strengths. apd_03_a01_bs_enus 28 min

Resource Title Description Resource ID Duration or Pages
Make Time for Self-Development People who take time for self-development see improvements in their personal relations and job performance. Take half an hour each day to read, talk, or otherwise be inspired. Treat these activities as daily rituals. 63208 2 min
SWOT Analysis for Individuals Though generally used on businesses, a SWOT analysis can be just as useful for evaluating yourself. The S is for identifying your strengths, the W is for your weaknesses, the O is for your opportunities to build on your skills and the T is for threats that may be facing you in your career. 120084 3 min

Resource Title Description Resource ID Duration or Pages
Your Ultimate Success Plan: Stop Holding Yourself Back and Get Recognized, Rewarded and Promoted
Audio Book
Somewhere between self-help and self-promotion lies self-awareness and advancement. Your Ultimate Success Plan is a book that provides surprisingly easy-to-apply business strategies. 104174 408 min
Personal Development Planning: Learning to Succeed The accelerating pace of change, combined with competitive pressures, imposes demands on managers to continually renew their skills and capabilities. Managers can no longer rely on their initial training or qualifications to carry them through their careers. Increasingly, managers have to take direct responsibility for their own life-long learning. 104253 22 pages

Desktop Skills Spotlight
Resource Title Description Resource ID Duration or Pages
Microsoft Word 2010: Customize Footnotes Microsoft Word 2010 allows you to customize the way footnotes are numbered in a document. In this video, Steve English discusses the various ways in which footnotes can be referenced and provides an overview of the number formats, numbering schemes, and apply changes to options available. 47900 3 min
Microsoft Excel 2010: Tables and Filtering You can use Microsoft Excel 2010 to easily filter data in various ways in a table created from a list of data. In this video, Adam Wilcox demonstrates how he creates a table from a list of data and then filters the content. 47822 6 min

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