July, 2018

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Topic Spotlight: Team Development

Team Development is an important factor in determining team success. Leading a team quickly and smoothly into high performance mode requires the groundwork of pulling the right team together, setting team goals, and defining the standards of team behavior. Below are a sampling of resources available in the HHS Learning Management System (LMS) to assist you, take a moment and check them out today.

Resource Title Description Resource ID Duration or Pages
Developing a Successful Team Developing effective teams is one of the primary responsibilities of a team leader. In this course, you'll learn how to develop the team culture early on by establishing team member competencies and working to improve team dynamics. atm_01_a02_bs_enus 30 min

Resource Title Description Resource ID Duration or Pages
Team Up A group of individuals assigned to work together does not a team make. Here's what you need to build a cohesive, functioning team. 134914 2 min
Gritty Teams Gritty are teams aren't much different from gritty individuals. The key difference is that, with teams, each person contributes to a collective passion and perseverance. 135597 2 min

Resource Title Description Resource ID Duration or Pages
Business Models for Teams: See How Your Organization Really Works and How Each Person Fits In
Audio Book
This audio edition shows how leaders of any group, regardless of size, can help people work independently and passionately toward shared goals without excessive turnover, training, or culture building exercises. 128577 377 min
Team Building: Developing High Performance Teams Study Guide, Student Edition Success as a manager is heavily influenced by how well your team operates and what kind of results they achieve. This book designed for those who want to develop their team leadership skills and unleash the talent of their individual team members. 117396 99 pages

Desktop Skills Spotlight
Resource Title Description Resource ID Duration or Pages
Microsoft Word 2010: Populating Headers and Footers Microsoft Word 2010 allows you to add headers and footers to documents. You can customize their appearance by applying a design style as well as including graphics and page numbers. In this video, Steve English demonstrates how to add and format a header and footer. 47809 5 min
Microsoft Excel 2010: Array Formulas In Excel 2010 you can use arrays to perform some very sophisticated calculations. In this video, Adam Wilcox defines what an array is and then demonstrates how to enter an array and use it to perform calculations. 48031 8 min

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