May, 2018

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Topic Spotlight Embracing Change to Better Support Our Mission & Internal Customers

Change in the workplace is inevitable. With continuous shifts in technology, market trends, and processes, it becomes ever more important for employers and employees to learn how to react and embrace change. The change process isn't simply about introducing new systems or introducing new job roles - it's about people and their transition from an old way of working to a new way of working.

Resource Title Description Resource ID Duration or Pages
Organizations Change So Get Ready In this course, you'll explore organizational change and the typical events that can trigger it. You'll also learn about the three specific types of organizational change, common reactions to organizational change, and the stages you can expect to go through when dealing with organizational change. pd_31_a01_bs_enus 30 min

Resource Title Description Resource ID Duration or Pages
Three Mindsets to Embrace Change The three mindsets for embracing change include a growth mindset, an opportunity-seeking mindset, and healthy detachment. 128232 3 min
Change Management When it's time for change, you need your employees on board and enthusiastic. 134968 3 min

Resource Title Description Resource ID Duration or Pages
Embracing Change: 4 Core Strategies Essential to Managing Change
Audio Book
Presenting the reasons why people automatically resist change, this audio book reveals tactics to overcome the fear of change, and shows you what you can do to expand the boundaries of your comfort zone and how to help team members expand theirs too. 128275 59 min
Managing Organizational Change: Tools to Help Your Team Through Change Managing the challenge of change is a powerful responsibility; it is not easy and it is often expensive. This Learning Short-take will assist you in managing organizational change by identifying the reactions to change within your team, lead you through the steps to individual acceptance, and help you produce the results you desire. 104112 118 pages

Desktop Skills Spotlight
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Microsoft Word 2010: Change Margins Microsoft Word 2010 allows you to change the size of the white space around your text. In this video, Steve English shows how to change margins across the document and how to restrict margin changes to document sections. 47886 6 min
Microsoft Excel 2010: Tracking Changes and Merging Workbooks When you share a workbook in Microsoft Excel 2010, you can track changes you and others have made to the workbook. You can also merge several versions of a shared workbook into one workbook. In this video, Adam Wilcox demonstrates how to use the Track Changes feature and merge different versions of a shared workbook. 48020 6 min

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