September, 2017

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Topic Spotlight – Conflict Management

Conflict in the workplace is inevitable. However, it doesn't have to be negative. When handled properly, conflict can actually be beneficial. With some increased awareness and skills, you can effectively manage conflict in your workplace. Below are a sampling of online courses, books and videos available in the HHS Learning Management System (LMS) that may assist you or those you support.

Resource Title Description Resource ID Duration or Pages
Facing and Resolving Conflict in the Workplace In this course, you'll learn about sources and signs of conflict, a process for resolving it, and ways to get the process back on track if difficulties arise. acm_11_a02_bs_enus 30 min
Handling Team Conflict In this course, you'll learn about what causes conflict on a team and the important role of healthy communication in handling conflict. atm_01_a04_bs_enus 30 min
Navigating through Changes and Conflict in Projects In this course, you'll learn how to handle it when someone requests a change to the project, how to create a plan for communicating with stakeholders, and approaches for dealing with conflicts that arise. apj_15_a05_bs_enus 28 min

Resource Title Description Resource ID Duration or Pages
Sandra Crowe: Dealing with Conflict: Move the Conversation Forward When conversations get stuck, it’s often because of an issue no one wants to discuss. Acknowledge the issue. State the facts. This will help move the conversation forward. 43824 4 min
Stewart Levine: Use Leverage to Resolve Conflict When you know why people want to resolve conflict, your role as facilitator becomes easier. 104428 2 min

Resource Title Description Resource ID Duration or Pages
Conflict without Casualties
Online Book
Provocative, illuminating, and highly practical, this book helps us avoid the casualties of conflict through openness, resourcefulness, and persistence. 1203268 224 pages

Webinar Live Event - Save the Date!

True Grit: The Science of Success
Date: Thursday, Nov 16, 2017 at 12:00pm EST – Duration 1 hour
Featuring Angela Duckworth

Angela Duckworth presents her influential work on grit—the tendency to pursue long-term goals with perseverance and passion. She describes the predictive power of grit for performance in a variety of fascinating contexts.

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