February, 2017

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Resource Spotlight – Positivity

A positive work environment is key to an organizations long-term success. Below is a sample of some of the many online courses, books and videos available on the HHS Learning Management System (LMS) that may assist you or those you support. Select here to explore resources on the LMS.

Resource Title Description Resource ID Duration or Pages
Positive Atmosphere: Establishing a Positive Work Environment – NEW FORMAT This course will introduce you to best practices for creating a positive work environment. ald_03_a02_bs_enus 26 min
RESET to Increase Positivity and Productivity

By Kristen Lee Costa
Americans need a reset button--a change in mindset or behavior--in order to relax and refresh from the stresses of work and life. 112814 3 min
Being a Leader is about Creating a Positive Atmosphere

By Lorraine Heggessey
Being a leader, according to Lorraine Heggessey, requires cultivating a workplace atmosphere that is positive, energizing, and dynamic. Praising and rewarding the resulting good work of your staff means that you will see more of that same output. 32945 3 min
Lead Positive: What Highly Effective Leaders See, Say and Do

By Kathryn D. Cramer
In Lead Positive, author Kathryn Cramer takes the fundamentals of her pioneering Asset-Based Thinking (ABT) system and turns them into a playbook for successful leadership. 69603 288 pages

Webinar Live Event - Upcoming

The 5 Levels of Leadership

March 15, 2017 at 12:00pm EST - Duration: 1 hour

Over John Maxwell’s many years of teaching about leadership, that question exists at the heart of so many leaders. Everyone wants to know where they stand and how to get to the next level. Based on the 5 Levels of Leadership paradigm in his book, Developing the Leader Within You, and then expanded further in the book, The 5 Levels of Leadership, John will explain how leaders can understand and increase their effectiveness.

Teaming: How Organizations Learn, Innovate, and Compete in the Knowledge Economy

May 9, 2017 at 12:00pm EST - Duration: 1 hour

In this talk, Amy Edmondson shows that organizations learn when the flexible, fluid collaborations they encompass are able to learn. The problem is teams, and other dynamic groups, don't learn naturally. Edmondson outlines the factors that prevent them from doing so, such as interpersonal fear, irrational beliefs about failure, groupthink, problematic power dynamics, and information hoarding.

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